Personal information about the author behind Graphic Party Studio

Here is a piece of personal information about me, a 40-something woman living in a beautiful town on the Mediterranean coast, not far from Barcelona, with my family and a cat.

After many years working in a big financial company, I’ve stepped aside to care for my health and family. I studied Business Administration at Uni but felt disappointed after finishing as that wasn’t my true passion. I have many interests and being constantly learning new things gives me a sense of accomplishment.

LIfe is a learning process. We all need to fall in order to grow

A few years ago, after my health condition worsened I started using Adobe Illustrator to create beautiful patterns and drawings in order to keep my mind working and willing to escape boredom. That moment led me to start my Etsy Shop where I sell Scrapbooking papers with colorful and seasonal designs. As I am also a planner girl, I felt the need to start creating stickers to incorporate into my weekly planning and embellish my bullet journal pages, hence last year I opened a new line of products in my shop: Digital stickers.

I had never imagined I would enjoy this process that much but I feel immensely pleased and ecstatic when I finish a new set or a new pack of designs.

Here you will find,

  • Scrapbooking papers
  • Stickers set
  • Crafting ideas
  • Illustrations
  • Free Printables
  • Reflections about my creative journey

I post my work mostly on Instagram but you can also find examples of my art and style on my portfolio page which reflects how much I like colourful illustrations and realistic drawings.

If you use my free printables, please consider tagging me (@graphicpartystudio) on your social media and recommend my work if you’re pleased with it. That would encourage me to keep publishing free stuff, as there’s no better reward than seeing your designs being put into action.

To the people in my life who make me smile, support and bring me joy: Thank you

Enjoy your crafts.

Noèlia Baltrons

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