November monthly cover for bullet journal

Mushrooms in the forest

Wow, how is it possible that November came this quick? I know, I know that after October comes inevitably November but it took me a bit as a surprise. I’ve been organising a lot of things during the past month to be ready for my surgery in late October. The post-op has gone great but I didn’t have the time to create a November monthly cover. Instead, I’m posting the cover I did for last year’s bullet journal. It was the first one I did digitally and I’m very satisfied with the result.

In any case, I love drawing mushrooms (and picking and eating them, of course) so I would probably have gone for a similar theme this year. Some mushrooms are more visually attractive than others. Curiously I’m more prone to draw the toxic ones with their vibrant colours and strange forms. What mushrooms would you choose to draw?

Although mushrooms such as chanterelle or champignon are delicious they’re not that exciting to draw. In the typical Catalan cuisine, some recipes use them even though saffron milk caps and bloody milk caps are more commonly found wild.

Mushrooms for the November monthly cover
Edible mushrooms

As I didn’t post the original file in the blog (only on Instagram), HERE you have the link in case you wish to download this design and use it in your bullet journal planning.

November monthly cover
November monthly cover

Whilst waiting for December and Christmas season to arrive, November might go unnoticed. However, it’s a great month to charge batteries before the Christmas holidays. Now it’s the perfect moment for warm drinks, sit by the fireplace and enjoy some forest walks. And, if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by Christmas shopping, plan your presents list in advance and take advantage of the special prices during Black Friday.

Happy planning to y’all!

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