Advent calendar printable

Winter village Advent calendar printable

Even though it’s still November I have a Christmas craft to show you. Yes, I know there’s plenty of time until Christmas, but who can resist an Advent calendar printable? This one is cute and festive at the same time and creates an adorable wintery vibe.

Advent calendar printable: winter village
Winter village Advent Calendar

This Advent calendar printable is the perfect DIY project to do with kids. It would also make a cute Christmas decoration. After cutting the elements you’ll need some glue to stick together the house’s walls and roof but that’s it, nothing more. The folding lines are a helpful guide to keep the house shape in place.

This village is surrounded by high mountains and fir forests like any of the typical villages you’d find in the Alps or the Pyrenees. The colourful houses are decorated with Christmas ornaments and the snow covers the rooftops and the trees. I cut some snowflakes to create the perfect snowy scene for my village. Adding some lights was my son’s idea and I think it’s an excellent way to draw attention to the village at night.

There’s a house/tree for every day of Advent. Fill your boxes with treats or small toys and make your children happy while waiting for the holidays.

The calendar shown in the picture below has been printed on cardstock which gives more stability and durability. Apply double side tape in the closing flap as the house or the tree should be brought back to the village after the opening.

How can I get the Advent calendar printable?

You have the chance to get it for free if you enter the giveaway hosted by @disfrutandodelacocina on Instagram. Go to her profile to read the instructions and voilĂ !

Advent calendar winter village available in my Etsy shop, graphicpartystudio
Graphic Party Studio Etsy shop

In case you are not the lucky winner there’s also another way to pick up your own copy. I’ve listed this calendar in my Etsy shop as a printable. I’ve created two different options. For those of you who have a Silhouette machine, I’ve included the cutting pattern to open in the Silhouette software. There’s also a pdf file for those who don’t have a cutting plotter and shall cut by hand. Follow the outlines to cut the elements and the dotted lines as a folding guide.

I cannot wait to see your homes transformed into winter villages for Christmas!

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