DIY Fall project with natural elements

Already in Autumn mood? Then, it’s time to decorate our home for fall. Our front door is the first thing people will see when visiting us or passing by so, we should make a good impression. Any one of these DIY fall wreaths ideas would be perfect for any home, making it welcoming and festive.

Decorating with seasonal wreaths will infuse to your homes the vibes of the season alongside being the perfect excuse for changing your decor inside to match.

Every season has its own appeal but Autumn is especially captivating due to its brilliant and wide range of colours. It’s the coziest season of them all, no doubt. Moreover, the traditional harvest elements give a pinch of warmth to any decor.

In my last entry, I showed you the digital wreath I created for the month of October. Now I’m going to present some ideas in case you want to craft your own DIY wreath.

DIY Fall wreaths using natural elements

Natural berries wreath

Anything with berries on it instantly says “autumn.” Pick up some berries on your countryside walks and use them in combination with moss, grapevine and a nice ribbon. The colours red and orange will give a vibrant touch to your front door. This one is by They even have a tutorial on how to put the elements together.

Berries wreath by
Berries and moss Autumn wreath

Acorns and pinecones wreath

Bring the beauty of fall to your home with this acorn, pinecone and conkers rustic wreath which would fill the air with its woodland scent. This one has been made by craftinvaders and has very little difficulty.

Accorns and pinecones wreath by craftinvaders
Acorns, pinecones and conkers wreath

Cornhusk wreath

I’ve never seen this range of colours in a corn husk but it’s the perfect combination for any fall decoration. It’s natural, it’s homey and rural but also refreshing. This picture is by Brian Woodcock.

DIY fall wreath made with corn hust. Image by Brian Woodcock
Cornhusk wreath by Brian Woodcock via CountryLiving

Each one of these DIY fall wreaths ideas is cute and easy to make and they’re also customisable. Use whatever nature finds you’ve found on your walks. The most important thing is to enjoy your time doing it.

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