May monthly cover for bullet journal

The month of May is especially important in our family: wedding anniversary, birthdays, many celebrations take place during this month. Furthermore, with lockdown and restrictions in withdrawn and good weather settling in, celebrations are in order. Sadly, we don’t have a garden to host barbecues, picnics or any other party imaginable but a small balcony that can accommodate only three people. Nonetheless, we’ve had some small brunch or “vermut” quite decently there.

When hosting a picnic or an afternoon tea outside it’s necessary to take into consideration many aspects and not only the menu. The fun part is the decorative work. My ideal outside picnic decoration would be like the one in the picture from

picnic decoration by
Picture by

Another option that I would definitely go for is the Alice in Wonderland lookalike decoration (see the picture below). Sorry for not having the credits for this one, so if you are the owner let me know).

Alice in wonderland themed party

Inspiration for the May monthly cover

Being outdoors with so many plants, trees and flowers around you should consider bees’ most likely visit. Even though I am not prone to this type of insect, it’s thanks to them that we can enjoy spring in its hole beauty so we must appreciate their efforts. My son has always been afraid of bees due to a childhood incident with some of them but I guess they’re not that frightful, they’re on a mission to save our planet. So, in recognition of them, I’ve made the May monthly cover with a bee theme.

May monthly cover for bullet journal
May cover for Bullet Journal

To use the May monthly cover in your bullet journal, just download it HERE, print it and there you go! Please, note, that this is a printable for personal use only. Enjoy spring and all its glorious outdoors moments.

This post was originally published on the 1st of May 2021

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