June monthly cover for bullet journal

New month, new cover… This is June monthly cover! Ready for summer.

Warm weather is starting to get warmer here on the Mediterranean coast so I thought time for the lemon season had arrived! Lemonade, ice cream, lemon curd, lemon pie, lemon water, etc. There are countless ways to enjoy this citrus fruit and its fresh and sour savour but it’s much better with a pinch of sugar.

Some years ago when I started my self-learning journey in the digital drawing I used to create quotes (there are a couple of them in the first entries of the blog, back in 2015) and the famous “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and its many versions caught my eye instantly. Those days I was into watercolour and I created a quote mixing both ideas. The result was as follows.

When life gives you lemons quote
Lemon quote

It’s not that bad for a newbie in the field and even though lemons are one of my preferred fruits, I never used them. Later on, I tried a new technique to create a more realistic lemon using the mesh tool (U). I made a fruity calendar with it and each month had a representative seasonal fruit made into a pattern. It was a good practice but again I never used it.

After that, I took several courses on Skillshare and redirect my efforts to design scrapbooking papers and that’s how my Etsy shop started. There is one particular set which is called “Purple Lemonade” where I did my third attempt with lemons. If you are curious about how it turned out, check the link to the shop.

Lemons for June monthly cover

The last design I’ve created using lemons is this bullet journal monthly cover for June. What do you reckon? I think it has all the ingredients to become a favourite of mine and I can even sense the citrus smell of the fresh-cut lemons!

This June monthly cover is a free downloadable file which I hope you’d like as much as I do, and for sure I’ll bring this design with lemons into play at last!

June monthly cover for bullet journal
June cover for Bullet Journal

Enjoy your planning!

This post was originally published on the 1st of June 2021

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