July monthy cover for bullet journal

When you live by the sea, summer is always related to the beach as it’s the perfect place to stand the heat of these months. The beach near my town has changed a lot over the past decades due to urban growth and, of course, climate change. We used to have a wide bay and a long, long seafront where to enjoy playing games or getting a suntan, but nowadays the main beach has become merely a shadow of its former size and during winter months it disappears almost completely, living the big rocks planted there to protect it exposed to the sea.

Another thing I remember from going to the beach as a child is how easy was to find seashells, clams, and sea urchins but at present, there are only seaweed and jellyfish. However, the sand is cleaner nowadays and there are more facilities and safety measures than in the past. I guess, everything comes with a price

July at the beach cover

So, inspired by those old days of childhood I’ve created this July monthly cover for my bullet journal which is also available to download for free if you want to use it in your planner too.

July monthly cover for bullet journal
July monthly cover

Keeping up with our planner during the summer season is also an excellent exercise for better mental health. During the summer months, we tend to slow down and lose our working routines which is perfect and much needed. Our weekly spreads and logs call for a change as we don’t need to track our productivity or achievements anymore. Despite switching our daily habits for more free time, you still can use your bullet journal to keep account of summer memories, pictures and funny moments. So, stick with it even if just to encourage self-expression and creativity.

Enjoy your summer!

This post was originally published on the 1st of July 2021

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