Reasons to love September

As the calendar turns the page of September I feel energized and full of ideas. The reasons why I love September are rooted in my childhood, with the start of school and the reunion with old friends. Maybe it’s a reminiscence of those days but September is the month for new beginnings for me.

New beginnings, new projects, lots of ideas… everything starts with a list. What can I say I’m that kind of person: I make lists. They help me organize my time and prioritize tasks and also get my mind free of worries. So, obviously, I had to make a list with the main reasons why I love September.

  • Colder weather: Leaving the hot Summer days behind is a huge relief for me. I am not a sunbathing kind of girl and the suffocation that comes with our humid Mediterranean weather leaves me dead tired. So, I welcome thoroughly the changes that come with the new season.
  • Back to school: Even though I’m a grown up woman I enjoy learning new skills. September continues to have that back to school mood for me so is my month for starting new projects. In this occasion I pretend to improve my skills using Photoshop as well as learning to draw manga characters.
  • Autumn cleaning: September represents a fresh start and every year I feel the need for a house deep clean and decluttering. Having to switch the wardrobe is a good opportunity to get rid of old clothes that we don’t use anymore. According to the book “Simplify your life” by Elaine St. James if in the course of two years you haven’t wear a piece of clothes you shoul throw it away. I usually make two bags of clothes, one for charity and another one for our friend’s children who are younger than my son.
Autumn essentials illustration. Books, blankets, cozy jersey and boots.
September essentials
  • Crisp morning air: Catalonia is a great place to visit on holidays but having to live here the hole Summer in this muggy weather is tough. Therefore, after the hotter months of the year, feeling a brisk, cool air in the morning is an invigorating experience. I prefer having my breakfast in the balcony enjoying the freshness of the first hours of the day.
  • Dark evenings: I definetely appreciate being outside in the Summer nights promenading by the beach or eating out, but dark evenings have some magic. As the days shorten and evenings are darker I feel like spending more time at home, reading or sewing. With the windows closed the house become quieter and much more cozy.
  • Lightning a candle: Although the hours of sunlight last the most part of the working hours, I take pleasure in the ambience created when lightning a candle. There’s an incomprehensible comfort in its tinkling flame and pleasant aroma. I prefer cinnamon or Bahoma cardamom and black honey pepper or Bahoma vanilla black for this month.
Scented candles digital illustration with lavender and cardamon
Scented candles for September

Have I already convince you to also love September? Does this list of reasons appeal to you? Let me know what would make your perfect September.


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