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Keeping up with a daily drawing practice might be difficult, sometimes, especially when you cannot find inspiration and run out of ideas. There are some trends on Instagram which would be very useful if you struggle to get the inspiration, such as some monthly/weekly or seasonal prompts and the “Draw this in your style” challenge. I’ve participated in both of them and the experience has been really satisfying.

In order to broaden up my daily practice, I’ve started a new project. As I’ve been focused lately on drawing girls and perfecting my skills with their face shape, eyes, hands, and feet I came up with different series of things that can be transformed into girls. My first series has been “FRUIT GIRLS” and my hope is to be able to translate the fruit characteristics to human form.

Using the color palette of the fruit and its taste as inspiration, this series would be composed of 4 different girls, each one with their own personality and attributes which could resemble the fruit. For this first collection, I’ve chosen my preferred fruits: strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, and peach, even though the last one isn’t finished yet.

Fruit girls series

Here is the Strawberry girl. Its bright colors match her outfit and I’ve tried to show the sweetness of its taste in her face. She’s also a bit primped up and delicate.

And this one is the kiwi girl. Strong flavour, exotic and classy. Do you think the kiwi girl conveys the same power? The kiwi handbag is the most stylish item you would ever find.

The pineapple girl is the last one that I’ve finished. Eventually, I’ll be able to draw the peach girl and add it to this entry. This girl is stunning, voluptuous, and a bit provocative just like the pineapple with its luscious colour and sweet fragrance.

UPDATE: Finally, the peach girl is here. This girl is sweet, fresh, and tender as the fruit, isn’t she?

I’ve thought about developing other series such as Flower girls, Gem girls, or Dessert girls. I got the idea from @aa.ninaa on Instagram and her collection of coffee girls. Great combination of outfits and personalities, worth checking.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and you’ve found it useful for generating new ideas. Finding inspiration for your daily drawing could, sometimes, be a bit tough.

See you!

This post was originally published on the 30th of June 2021

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