Father's Day illustration

Many people would say that this kind of celebration is just an idea from marketing creatives in order to sell more (gifts, cards, desserts, etc) like Mother’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Singles Day in China. Do we really need to have a special day to celebrate parenthood? Or is it better to celebrate the good, sometimes small, things of our daily parental journey? You’re free to choose, nobody should feel bound to decide between one or the other.

When our children are young and we are a newbie in this challenging role we are full of doubts because we want to become the best parent our son or daughter could ever have had. Sometimes parenthood brings to the surface our own childhood and our relationship with our parents, and as we remember us growing up we commit ourselves to do it differently, better in all possible ways than our parents did. And all because we feel that they didn’t understand us and didn’t care about our feelings or our struggles as if they were less important than grown-ups problems. At least these are the memories from my teenage years, does this resonates with you?

Obviously, not all of us had the same experiences and some people would have a different opinion. That’s ok, what I meant to say is that when we become parents we understand more our own parents, the decisions they made, the advice they gave us and that they did the best they could to accompany us in our path towards adulthood. And what’s more, we thank them for what they taught us which has played an important role in our present mindset, values and in our walk through life.

Father’s Day illustration

So, special day or not, it’s good to take a moment to give thanks to our father (or mother if you prefer) and appreciate everything we have learnt from them, even through bad times, because it’s with those experiences that we grow.

Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day illustration, presentation example
Father’s Day illustration, father and daughter

I’ve created two different illustrations to use on Father’s Day or at any moment you might prefer to show your love and appreciation to this special person in your life. It can be used as a greeting card or be framed to give as a present.

Father's Day illustration, presentation example
Father’s Day illustration, father and son

Both designs will be available in my Etsy Shop. Go have a look and choose yours. Send me a message if you’d prefer a personalised one. I’m available to customize your illustration.

Have a nice day!

This post was originally published on the 4rt of May 2020

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