Cottage garden digital sticker set

Living in the countryside

Here it is! A new set of stickers for Bullet journal and this one is my most prefered so far: The Cottage garden Sticker set. I’ve already used it in my weekly spreads and the result is absolutely adorable. I love all the elements included and the planner details are beautiful and helpful at the same time. The colour palette gives me spring vibes and reminds me when the garden is in full bloom and walking through the countryside or riding the bike is so pleasant.

I have never lived in a cottage, except for a few days we stayed in a country house near Inverness during holidays. We were visiting Scotland many years ago and found this perfect B&B farmhouse. The owners were amicable and the breakfast was handmade. However, it has been a long-cherished dream to be able to live in a “masia” (which is not the same as a cottage but it’s quite similar), have my own garden, a vegetable plot and a big orchard. Is it too much dreaming?

Cottage garden Sticker set

In the meantime, I’ve imagined how life in a cottage would be and tried to capture the essence, the daily routines in this Cottage garden Sticker set. Animals, flowers and a slow living style are, in my opinion, the essentials of living in the countryside. And, of course, homemade food, preserves, jams and a tasty smell coming from the oven. Maybe it’s a bit romantic but, who cares, it’s just a dream.

This set contains 2 A4 pages with fourteen decorative stickers, four quotes, four washis, the days of the week in square and round form and some other decorative elements.

Cottage garden Sticker set presentation
Daisy cottage sticker set by graphicpartystudio

Here’s a close up of the daffodils bucket sticker. Isn’t it wonderful?

Cottage garden Sticker set decorative element
Some details of the designs included in this set

The planner elements are also filled with flowers and spring colours.

Cottage garden Sticker set
Planner elements

During the Spring season, nature around us thrives with colour and splendour and that’s what this sticker set will bring to your projects and bullet journal spreads. It is available in my Etsy Shop with a discount for a limited time. Go and buy it! Don’t miss out!!

Have a nice weekend!

This post was originally published on the 21st of May 2021

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