monthly bullet journal cover for April

New month, new cover! Since Spring has finally arrived, this cover is a floral celebration of the beauty of nature mixed with a bit of Easter. Does it appeal to you? It’s totally my vibe! What can I say, I’m a springy girl. My idea of paradise is sitting in the middle of a wheat field full of poppies or under a shady tree watching how the sun goes down on the horizon.

In our last spring break, we decided to visit a nearby area which we had never thoroughly visited. We discovered some new places that felt so peaceful. Especially, because during our forest walks, we could indulge ourselves in listening to the beautiful chirping of birds, the murmur of freshwater through small streams and gorges, and enjoy the silence at night.

Thus, after these relaxing mini holidays, I wanted to depict the essence of wild nature in my April monthly cover. I chose some of the flowers we spotted and included them in my drawing: Wild violets, Muscari, dandelions, daffodils, and daisies. And, as Easter is around the corner, a nest with an Easter Egg. Can you find them??

April monthly cover for bullet journal
April monthly cover for bujo

Cheer up if you could NOT find all of them, it was a trick. There were no dandelions in the illustration. However, the fields were fully mottled with them.

I would be very happy if you use my drawing in your bullet journal monthly planning! It would mean that you like it as much as I do. The FREE download is available HERE.

Enjoy your Spring days!!

This post was originally published on the 1st of April 2021

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