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After a while away from the net, today I’ve decided to re-enlist and start a new blog with a new image and name.

I had a blogger page for some time but after losing access I stopped posting for quite a long period. To start a new blog is a way to keep in touch with my creative side and practice my English skills.

The idea behind the blog is to offer printables, cards, quotes, and posters… I want to share with you, readers of the blog, free downloads every month.

This motivational quote has been the trigger to set up new goals and get rid of all the negative thoughts in my life. It’s amazing how this type of quote makes us stop and think about its deep meaning.

This one is, indeed, very inspirational. Quotes with beautiful designs are perfect for decorating an office wall along with bold frames.

I’ve had a boost of energy when I translated it to my son and he could understand the meaning. He has started to kiss me telling me how happy is he when doing that. He’s a sweetie!! (UPDATE: He was 9 years old when I wrote this text, ;))

To download this quote just click on the following link: Do more of whats makes you happy It’s a pdf file that you can print at home and use as a daily reminder.

Please, note that it’s for personal use only, so don’t sell o distribute it without permission.

I will be posting more inspirational quotes in the future to fuel our energy and keep working on achieving our goals. I hope you liked it!

See you around.

Mockup frame Do more of what makes you happy quote
Do more of what makes you happy quote presentation

This post was originally published on the 28th of August 2015 on my old blog.

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