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Simplifying life after the summer holidays is a good exercise to appreciate the important things in life and focus your energy on new projects. Even though many people make their New Year resolutions on the 1st of January, I usually do it in September. For me, it’s the moment of the year when I am the most motivated to do this task.

September has been always a good month for starting new projects, either sport, studies, or classes… so now I’m doing some organization on my calendar for next autumn-winter season. I’m thinking about doing a cooking course, practice some yoga, studying a foreign language, trying a new craft. The possibilities are endless!

September is also an excellent month to make a reset. After the summer recess, simplifying life could be a good way to relieve ourselves from all things undone in the past months. Either for a lack of time or energy, projects might have built up in your “To-Do List” and you might not know where to start.

Getting inspired to live simply

Some time ago I read a book called “Simplify your life” from Elaine St. James. The main theme is clear. The author suggests a long list of things we can do to reduce our diary complications, relaxing and enjoying our free time our way. Some of them are easy to put into practice, some others request a little bit of work on our part. In total, 100 recommended actions to adjust our lifestyle.

To summarize the idea I prefer these three sentences I read once on the internet. I made a free printable quote which is available for download here. You can print it at home and hang it as a wall decoration.

Mock up for the quote LIve simply with a black frame and featured in a white desk with blue decorations
Live simply quote framed

I wish you’d enjoyed your summer holidays.

This post was originally published on September the 6th of 2015

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