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March is a synonym of Spring for most people and as the weather changes so does our mood. Having more hours of sunlight, warmer temperatures and especially watching nature in full bloom is a long-awaited spectacle we cannot miss.

Spring flowers

The inspiration to this March monthly cover has been my love for Spring days. It’s like a rebirthding experience, mostly because I was born in April.

Wandering through green fields speckled with red poppies has a special attraction for me. It’s the first image that comes to my mind when I think of Spring. Many years ago, when the town I live in wasn’t that big, our house was surrounded by wheat fields full of yellow daisies and red poppies from March to April. Another cherished childhood memory I’ve always had is playing a game in which we tried to guess the colour of a poppy bud, the options were cock, hen or chick depending on whether it was red, pink or white. Did you have a similar game in your country?

Poppies in a field

From February to March is also the month of tulips, my favourite flower. I’ve tried to grow them on my small balcony but there isn’t enough room for them there and I envy those garden owners with big flower beds who can enjoy freesia, tulips or daffodils throughout the season. Many of my childhood memories are linked to flowers, in particular freesia flowers. My grandmother had a small patio covered with yellow, orange and white freesia and the smell was … so sweet.

Colourful tulips

Lavender for March monthly cover

Finally, another spring flower which I really like is lavender. I used to despise its smell because it reminded me of old clothes hanging on an ancient wardrobe since it was common in the area I live to perfume cupboards and wardrobes with lavender to prevent moths and damp to stick to clothes. Now that I have a lavender plant on my balcony I really fancy touching its leaves and flowers every day. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting older, who knows!

Lavender field

The lavender fields have been the inspiration for my March monthly cover. Fill your bullet journal with this flowery printable. If you like it, download it for free HERE.

March monthly cover for bullet journal
March Bullet Journal cover

What is your favourite Spring flower?


This post was originally published on 9th of March 2021

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