Lucky stickers for Scrapbooking St. Patrick's Day

As promised, here you have the coordinated stickers pack that works perfectly with the Saint Patrick’s Day designs I showed you recently. This set is full of lucky wishes and happy messages for your Paddy’s Day crafts, cards, memory albums, gifts and more. In addition, you can also use them to embellish your bullet journal o any planner of your preference.

I would be delighted to see all these lucky day stickers in your projects. Together, we might fill the world with warm wishes, lucky thoughts and blessings for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day sticker collection
St. Patrick’s Day sticker set

Whether luck exists or not is a tricky subject. Some people might say it’s just superstition but others truly believe that it’s a quality we are born with or without. Even now, there’s a new trend suggesting that having a positive mindset might help to attract good luck.

Nevertheless, there are symbols of good luck all around the world. The shamrock is the Irish charm for good fortune but you’ll probably know many others. For instance, the horseshoe is believed to have lucky energy and many people hang one in front doors to protect their homes. In any case, you can always use these lucky day stickers to keep misfortune away.

Two of the most magical lucky charms are, in my opinion, rainbows and shooting stars. I guess the fact that both of them aren’t common makes them so unique. Have you ever glimpsed a shooting star and asked for a wish? It’s a privilege not everyone has the fortune to witness!

I’d hope you’ll have a happy Saint Patrick’s Day and make the most of those major ragers around your city without losing the original Irish spirit.

This post was originally published on March the 9th of 2018

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