Happy St. Patrick's Day card

Happy St Patrick’s Day to y’all! Hope you’ll have a fantastic and fun day.

Irish people around the world are today celebrating their national day. This tradition is so widely spread that even in my country is possible to find an Irish pub and join the party. I wouldn’t go for the drinking but for the dancing. Irish music is somehow romantic and festive at the same time and Irish dancing is the icing to the cake. It might take the dancers hours of trainning to achieve that level of coordination in movements but the result is always impressive.

Here you have a gift card I’ve made to send to all my friends. Can you see the mustache in the background? :). I hope all the shamrocks and Leprechaun hats bring us the luck we all deserve. Personally I’d prefer giving shamrocks a try as Leprechauns are a bit creepy. They remind me of an old greedy gnome.

Enjoy the festivity!


UPDATE: Even though beer is not a beverage I would choose, I know it has a long history in Ireland. Taken into the account the amount and quality of Irish ales and lagers, St Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be perfect without a beer.

Cheers and Happy St Patrick’s Day!

A jar of beer to celebrate St Patrick's Day.
Cheers to St. Patrick

This post was originally published on the 17th of March 2018

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