Autumnal free printable halloween or castanyada

When thinking about this free printable for Autumn, I was doubtful of what represents it better. I know that in the anglosaxon countries Halloween is the most awaited Fall celebration but there are many others. Nontheless I needed to investigate a little bit in order to become more acquainted with this festivity. This is what I’ve discovered so far.

What’s Halloween?

When Romans conquered the Celtics’ land, they found out that those first inhabitants had similar traditions to commemorate the passing of the dead. With the expansion of Christianity in the territory, the ancient Celtic rites were substituted by other celebrations created by the Christian church. Then, Samhain became, eventually, All Souls’ Day, a day to honour the dead ones. All Saints’ Day (on the 1st of November) was also called All Hallows or All Hallowmas and the night before became All-Hallows Eve. Quite interesting, right? In the end, everything is related so one way or another everybody is celebrating the same thing whether you call it Hallows Eve, Dia de los Muertos, Tot Sants or Samhain.

I’ve always considered this celebration quite sad due to my childhood memories. In the past, families visited the cemetery and put fresh flowers on the grave of their beloved ones on this day. Later on, the rise of the American tradition of Halloween, has spread this celebration around the world. The trick or treat thing is much more fun. Tot Sants or All Saints is, nowadays, celebrated only by old people.

New old traditions

However, where I live there’s another tradition which has been growing over the past years: the celebration of the “Castanyada”. When autumn brings its colours to our forests, chestnut trees give us its fruit. In many villages, there are roasted chestnut stalls, usually run by elderlies, that fill the air with their warm and cozy smell. We also eat “panellets” and roasted sweet potatoes. Autumnal flavors and tasty delicacies mixed together. If you want to know more about this festivity, read this article on You might also find many stories and children books recommended in this blog.

What team are you on?

In two weeks time, Halloween or “Castanyada” will be here. Children will be preparing either their costumes and bags of candies or their aprons and wicker baskets for chestnuts. While waiting for the day to come you can download these free patterns without having to choose sides.

Team Halloween: Booish (DOWNLOAD IT HERE)

Halloween theme printable
Halloween pattern

Team Castanyada: Cucurutxu de castanyes (DOWNLOAD IT HERE)

Halloween/castanyada theme printable
Castanyada pattern

Enjoy your projects and your celebrations!

This post was originally published on the 23rd October of 2020

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