Into the woods scrapbooking collection and free clipart

The forest, much more than trees

The “Into the woods” collection was released in 2016 but I wasn’t completely pleased with the outcome. This year I decided to update this forest-themed scrapbooking paper set and include more flora and fauna elements. Mushrooms, nuts, and small animals make this collection more sweet and lovable. There’s more than trees in the forest!

Into the woods collection of digital scrapbooking paper
Into the woods digital scrapbooking set

Whether you’re planning to throw a fall-inspired party or making a family photo album with your best hikes and outdoor activities this set would be the perfect match. And it comes with an extra bonus! Free clipart with four different types of mushrooms.

Free clip art. Four different types of mushrooms
Extra bonus. Free clipart

Why I like this forest scrapbooking paper set so much

As the weather gets chilly and wet I find it most agreeable to spend time outdoors. Even if the day in, day out it rains the air is more breathable and fresh.

Going to the forest for mushroom picking would be a good hike to do with kids. It’s educational, healthy, fun, and connects family. I’ve always liked walking in the woods, climbing hills covered in scrubs and small bushes. The forest around my town is dense and formed principally by oaks, holm oaks, pine woods combined with strawberry trees, heather, and myrtle.  Here you can find different kinds of mushrooms, but particularly chanterelles, porcine, saffron, caesars, and many others. I am not an expert don’t know many of them, that’s why I don’t roll the dice picking an inedible one.

Squirrels aren’t common in my region but I love them. Some time ago we visited London and discovered that squirrels lived in St. James’ park. We were amazed at how cute, cuddly and friendly they were.

Squirrel pattern included in the Into the forest scrapbooking papers collection
Squirrel pattern

I hope you’ll like it!

This post was originally published on October the 14th of 2017

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