February monthly cover for bullet journal freebie

Even though it’s only February it feels like we are in the middle of spring, at least here where I live. With temperatures rising over 20 C we cannot deny that climate change has some influence on it.

The most representative celebration in February is undoubtedly Valentine’s Day but I resist surrendering to globalization and keep celebrating love and friendship on April 23rd, Sant Jordi’s Day, the day of the book and the rose. However, everything related to Valentine’s Day puts a smile on my face and the variety of designs and symbols inspired by this day are simply gorgeous.

Valentine's Day flower gift tag
Valentine’s Day gift

What else happens in February? We celebrate Carnival with fancy dress balls and float parades. But due to COVID restrictions costume parades have been cancelled and all the fun has been postponed for better days to come.

Carnival masks and confetti
Carnival masks and confetti

Cherry trees in Japan

Furthermore, some fruit trees start to bloom, being the cherry tree one of my favourites. Have you ever seen a field full of rows of cherry trees? Or promenade in a park and have a picnic under one of those trees? In Japan, the moment when the cherry tree flourishes is called Sakura. Lots of people travel to this country to witness the spectacularity of this event. It usually happens at the end of the winter season, between March and April depending on the weather. However, in Spain, some varieties can bloom even in February.

Cherry tree in bloom in Japan
Cherry tree in bloom in Japan

I’ve learnt to appreciate the beauty in nature more and more in the past months. That’s the reason why I chose the cherry flower as my February monthly cover. If you like it you can download it HERE. It’s available for free. It will bring your Bullet journal a bit of joy while waiting for the real trees to bloom!

February bullet journal cover freebie
February monthly cover for Bullet journal

Have a nice day!

This post was originally published on the 1st of February 2021

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