Easter egg hunting scrapbooking digital paper collection

Easter egg hunting is not a tradition in my country as we follow the catholic celebrations. However, little by little other foreign traditions like this one are being incorporated.

What do we need to host the perfect Easter egg hunting? Primarily, Easter eggs, a big garden or space to hide the treats and lastly a huge basket to collect all the treasures. It’s a fun activity to do with kids, even with toddlers. Unfortunately, the majority of people in my town live in apartments without a garden. But, who said that it cannot be done inside? With a touch of imagination and good planning, let the fun begin!

Another alternative I’ve enjoyed a lot in the past years is painting and decorating wooden eggs. We also set a seasonal table at the entrance hall of our house, very spring indeed. We had a branch of a dead tree in a big jar and we hanged up the painted eggs with a piece of cord or wire.  In a small bowl, we made a nest with small twigs and pieces of cellophane paper and we put there the sweet chicks that we kept from the previous year “mona”.

Typical "mona" a godmother gives a godson for Easter in Catalunya

If you don’t know what I’m talking about this is a “mona”, a traditional cake with a chocolate egg or figure on top and decorated with yellow chicks. On Easter Sunday, godmothers give them to their godsons.

Easter egg hunting Scrapbooking collection

My inspiration for this Scrapbooking paper pack came from that seasonal table with baskets, chicks, ribbons and eggs. All very colourful and spring-like. Here you have the preview mix.

If you like it go to my Etsy shop and grab one pack for yourself. Your Easter crafts, cards and memory albums would be super cheerful and bright with these patterns.

Easter hunt Scrapbooking digital paper collection
Easter hunt Scrapbooking digital paper collection

 Enjoy your Easter celebrations!

This post was originally published on March the 19th of 2018

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