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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! What a lovely and cold day today. Ready to celebrate? I guess most of you have been waiting for this special day for a long time… expecting a gift or hoping to see that twinkle in your partner’s eyes when receiving your present.

If you don’t have the time to run to get a last-minute shopping, make at least an extraordinary dish to celebrate this day. Baking a special cake or dessert would also be a perfect surprise four your partner paired with a romantic dinner, candles and, music.

Nowadays Valentine’s Day has become a day for celebrating friendship, mostly between children. They swap handmade cards and gifts with friends and schoolmates. Sometimes a busy mum has to help with the gifts and the living room becomes a mass-production plant. (I speak from experience here) ;p

Why cupcakes for Valentine’s Day?

I found cupcakes a good solution when celebrating Valentine’s Day with friends. Even more, handmade cupcakes are much better. It’s a pleasure to cook them and a pleasure to give them. Enjoying the process of mixing the ingredients, smelling the unique aromas that come from the oven. Not to mention the delight which is tasting those treats with a cup of coffee or chocolate while waiting for warm weather to arrive. A small guilty pleasure we can, at least, afford one in a while without any regrets.

Delicious cupcake illustration for Valentine's Day. Sweet cupcakes are a perfect gift for Valentine's.
Sweet cupcake illustration by Graphic Party Studio

Take the time to cook to a special one some cupcakes for Valentine’s Day and you’ll see a big smile on their face. 

They’re so sweet and tasty. To tell the truth, I have always loved chocolate cupcakes with Nutella or cream inside, but a cupcake with a good buttercream frosting is difficult to forget. Here’s a good recipe for some delicious Oreo cupcakes.

If you had to choose what would be your prefered one?

Be sweet and loving today!

This post was originally published on February the 14th of 2018

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