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Blog remodelling

Even though this blog started as an amusement, I thought it was about time for a blog remodelling. I wanted to improve its performance and characteristics to make it more attractive and eye-catching to my visitors. The main topics won’t be any different from before and I expect to post twice a month as last year.

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are

Max Depree

In relation to the content, I will continue offering some aspects of my digital drawing journey as well as free printables. I have always thought that this had to be my primary objective. In addition, some posts will show new releases of my products right after their launch at my Etsy Shop. You will also find here ideas of how to use them in your crafts or bujo planning.

Every step counts

I was quite pleased with my old blog but I’ve come to know that some technical issues were happening, making it more difficult to have any visits. That was quite frustrating considering the effort I was putting into it. So, this blog remodelling pretends to fix the problems detected and upgrade some features. At the same time, I hope it will boost my creativity and motivation to carry on and keep trusting the process. I will have to put more hours into it but, when you love something, that’s a powerful thrust.

A little progress each day adds up to big results

Often, all that is needed is a push of this kind to bring about change and become a better version of ourselves. We should always believe in the timing of the process and value every little step towards achieving our goal.

Looking forward to seeing what’s waiting ahead in this creative path. Come along with me on this journey and let’s have fun together.

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